10 Questions to Test Your Creativity IQ

Okay, I got the message. Several of you after reading the b2b sales tip on the four areas to apply creativity asked me “How do I know if I’m creative or not?”

While I come from the school of everyone has creativity in their DNA, it is true some of you have had the creativity gene vaccinated while in our school systems or even the military service. And, some have endured family members calling you names and stuff with the consequences of low self-esteem and a loss of creative confidence.

I still believe everyone has some genius within, you may have to have some objective data or information to accept it as true. So, here are ten questions designed to help you discover your overall creativity level.

So, here are the ten questions to uncover your level of creativity…

  1. Are you receptive to change?
  2. Do you often suggest new ideas to others?
  3. Are naturally dissatisfied with the status quo or the norm?
  4. Do you keep an open mind, even if something sounds weird or unusual?
  5. When you run into something that should work, yet, doesn’t work properly, do you view this as an opportunity to learn and fix the problem?
  6. Are you always curious about the newest technology?
  7. Are you an aggressive and avid reader of business type books and magazines?
  8. Do you fight for your convictions about how things should work?
  9. Are you an active and attentive listener?
  10. Do you enjoy solving puzzles and problems?

Okay, time to score your results: You want to count the number of yeses in your response to the list of questions. Here is the scoring key:

10 = Genius
8-9 = Highly Creative
6-7 = Moderately Creative
5 and below = You need to work on your creativity beginning today!

If you scored low, no worry mate! The creativity is within you just need to bring it out. First, look at the questions you answered with a no or some type of negative response. Think about the question and then think about how you could change the response if your life depended upon it? I know that sounds a little hokey, yet, if you haven’t tried it – you will never know if it works.

For those of you who scored well, then I want you to think about how you can apply this knowledge to your b2b sales. The more creativity you use, the more you will separate yourself from the thundering herd of competitors.

Think about how you can…

  • How can You Free Yourself from Old Assumptions?
  • Think about and Create New Ways of Using Old Products.
  • What new Approaches to New Customers could you use today?
  • What new Approaches or Strategies could you use to win Prospects?
  • How could you use a new approach to an old customer situation?

These questions and tips can kick start your creativity. Use the last five suggestions often and make certain you are using your creativity every day. Use creativity everyday and you will be amazed as to how quickly it works for you.

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