3 Quick Tips for Improving B2B Sales

At least three times a week I’m asked by a b2b sales person, “what can I do to increase my sales?”

While the answer really should be focused upon the unique skills or traits of each b2b sales person, there are three general quick fixes or tips to improving your b2b sales results.

So here are the three quick tips for improving b2b sales…

  1. Better Positioning
    Most b2b sales people make no effort or extra effort to position themselves properly. The standard positioning used by the thundering herd of b2b sales people is that of the vendor. This is very bad if you are looking to move into the ranks of the B2B Sales Superstars. If you are seen by the buyers and decision makers within your prospect or customer organizations, the best you will be is a good commodity type b2b sales person. There will be few value adding sales offers or opportunities for you. You will need to think about positioning yourself as an expert in your field – inventory management, supply chain, industry trend, network systems, infrastructure combination, food service distribution, or whatever field you specialize.
  2. Lose Old School or Traditional Selling Techniques
    Probably 85% of the total population of b2b sales people have been trained in old school or traditional selling techniques, which are primarily based upon short term sales situations. Modern selling is a different form of b2b selling which is focused upon gaining rapport and trust, asking great questions to uncover ALL issues, fears and consequences of problems, involving the customer from the beginning in the self discovery of the solution or source of their solution, and only using a few effective closing techniques rather than 1001 closes. The days of closing early, offer and late are gone – if you want to be a n2n sales superstar. If you are not sure about the difference between traditional and modern selling contact me using the contact page and I will send you a short paper on the differences – or get my ebook and read the Economic Scouting Report section of the ebook to gain a better understanding about the differences.
  3. Focus on a Better Closing Ratio
    This is something you would need to track using either excel, a CRM system with sales opportunities tracks, or some other sales pipeline tracking system. The key is know what percentage of offers are being accepted by you prospects and existing customers. The higher your closing ratio the more sales you should be getting relative to your existing opportunities.
    The internet marketers learned this several years ago, when the best ones realized it was not just the number of visitors coming to a website that mattered – it was the number or ratio of sales conversions. The ratio of sales conversions is the same as your sales closing ratio. The higher the rate, the more sales you win and the higher your sales results. Now, you can make this as complex as you want by adding variables such as average size per sell, existing vs prospect business, frequency of sales to a customer or prospect, product mix per close, etc. However, in the beginning, stick with a simple closing ratio. Then fine tune what is working for you in your offers – proposal, price, terms, presentation skills, or how you ask for the business. Then you can improve your closing ratios.

There you have a Quick Three Tips to improving your b2b sales results. It is now up to you to get started. Make a plan to launch on one of the three quick tips, then follow with the second tip and later the third tip. If you improve each area over a quarter – changing one factor each month, your b2b sales results will show significant improvement.

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