3 Ways to Simplify the First B2B Purchase

Many times a b2b sales person will charge a new account using a frontal assault tactic, pushing a complex solution on the first time b2b buyer. Talk about some bad MOJO.

This direct or frontal assault tactic is high risk and will cause you to lose more often than win.

If you want to win more sales opportunities, then you will want to use any or all of the three ways to simplify the first time purchase by a b2b sales buyer.

These three ways are…

  1. Augment, Don’t Replace
    Too often I see b2b sales people going for the ultimate offering, designed to take out all the competitors and replace their systems or products with theirs. As the dollars and risks rise, the likelihood of this happening is reduced. The risk becomes too great and the hassle factor increases. Thus, the b2b buyer sees more problems in the implementation as well as uncertainty begins to come into their picture.
  2. Think Smaller
    Here is another method which can be used like a pilot program. Get in the account, show your service levels and prove the results with ROI calculations thus giving you proof regarding your performance within their organization. When the buyer becomes more comfortable with you and your performance, then expansion of your offerings or solutions becomes a simple process. Think of this as an in-house referral on steroids. Also, Remember the old parable – How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
  3. Take Out All the Complexity
    Here is an area that will be repeated in several areas of my b2b sales tips. Reduce or eliminate any complexity in your offerings and solutions. The ultra busy buyers of today’s environment have zero time to sort through any complexity. What they do is look for simple and safe solutions with some form of certainty of implementation. Review all your contracts, take out the complex (and boilerplate language) and replace it with simple and easy to read and understand. Often, I find b2b sales people who think it is cleaver to include fancy (read as complex) pricing formulas into their proposals. NO! Use clear and simple. Remember it is all about the customer or prospect and not about you.

Three methods or ways to simplify the situation for the first time buyer. Believe me, the first time b2b buyer is full of doubt and hesitation – not to mention concerns about linkage to the business objectives and will your solution create additional issues with others within their organization.

All of these doubts need to reduced to the point the buyer is confident in your solution or offering and is willing to place their reputation on the line for you. This is scary stuff for the first time purchase, it could put their job on the line. So make it easy, simple and results-certain.

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