Are You a Doctor of Selling?

With all the TV commercials using the “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor” lines, I felt it was necessary to point out there really is a good side to being like a Doctor – particularly when it comes to selling. Becoming a Doctor of Selling is the first step to becoming a professional sales person.

How many professionals are getting clients because they advertise the lowest cost like a short term focused traditional sales person. The truth is real professional charge a higher fee because they know they provide value rather than low cost. That is the goal for you – being seen as a real professional sales person.

So how do you become a Doctor of Sales? It is simple and here are the steps…Here are the simple steps of becoming a Doctor of Selling:

  1. Listen to the patient – the starting point of gaining trust and rapport with a customer is the act of listening to them, asking questions to gain more information, listening to their answers, asking more questions for clarity and understanding and taking the time to hear about all the issues, pain, causes and effects of the pain. The customer is like a patient – they want the pain to go away! When you listen, show empathy and understanding, resist the temptation to suggest an early solution before learning about all the symptoms – then you move away from traditional selling and into the ranks of professional selling.
  2. Analyze the Data and Information – Take time to review what you have learned. Look for different levels of solutions and how they relate to your offerings. Determine possible ROI scenarios to help the customer get approvals for the bigger ticket purchases. Discover if there are missing pieces of information that need to be resolved before moving forward and put the discovery process in action before making any type of presentation.
  3. Prescribe the Solution – Just like a doctor will prescribe a solution (sometimes in the form of options) to the patient, you will provide a solution to the customer’s pain showing how you will solve the problem, what the solution will cost and how long it will take for payback on the customer’s part – all designed to assist in the decision to use you and your company to solve the problem.

There you have the simple 3 step Doctor of Selling approach to becoming a professional sales person. One key factor to note from the above process is the unprofessional sales person will attempt to offer a solution before anything else is done. That is the same thing as Malpractice. Malpractice in the professional medical arena is when a Doctor gives a prescription without any questions or doing any analysis of data and information. Sales people who offer solutions or presentations without learning anything about the customer is “Malfunctioning or Malpractice” as a sales person.

Take time to learn about your customer’s current situation and desired situation. Doing this simple gap analysis will assist you in making better offers to customers and win more business.

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