Are You Self-Focused or Customer-Focused?

Recently I attended a sales workshop – even the people who teach go to learn more – and one of the topics emphasized during the session was title question -Are You Self-Focused or Customer-Focused?

What a great question to ask yourself. What is your answer – self or customer focused?

The difference is critical is you want to join the ranks of the b2b sales superstars. They know the answer is being customer focused.

So how can you tell if you are truly self-focused or customer-focused? It is really easy to determine. Just listen to yourself talk when you are in front of a customer.

If you hear anything about your company, you, your product or service, or how you will handle everything – then you are self-focused.

If you hear yourself asking questions about the customer’s current situation, future vision, critical issues they are dealing with today, and discussions about critical business or industry trends – then you are customer focused.

The future of selling is being customer focused. It shows you are more interested in the outcomes for the customer, improving their situation by first totally understanding their situation, and learning about the things troubling or worrying them even at night.

Everything you do regarding this equal or question sets the foundation for your relationship with the customer.

When they ask what you do – it has to be about business improvement and absolutely nothing about a product or service.

When you leave a voice mail – it needs to a series of business issues they may be dealing with, which they want it to go away. Then you will get a return call, otherwise you go into fast delete ( when you talk about your product or service, any “we’re the leading blah, blah, blah” you are in the self interest arena).

When you meet the customer for the first time and begin asking focused business issue questions rather than talking about your company or worst – your products.

How you conduct yourself throughout the sales process – focusing on their business and more importantly, their customers – then you set yourself up as a valued resource rather than a vendor.

Are you focused upon staying up to date with your customer’s business or industry. Do they get timely emails, notes or letters – oh yes, or text – asking about the impact of some new technology, breakthrough, new competition, new laws or regulations. Stay close to the customer’s happenings to keep you close in the top of mind category.

Look anything you do that focuses upon you, your company, your products or your services / solutions, will place you in the commodity zone of sales people / vendors. This is not a place to be if you are selling higher valued resources to your customers.

Practice your presentations, interviews, voice mails and even emails for effectiveness and a customer focused mindset. It really is about the customer in the long run. The more you position yourself as being focused upon the customers needs and wants – the higher the probability you will be considered a valuable resources to them.

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