Are You Working Hard – Enough?

Over the weekend I had a couple of conversions with sales people who started their part of the conversion by stating…

“Man, I’m busting my butt at work – been putting in long hours at the office.”

They were using this statement as some sort of badge of honor for victim-hood. I know I sound a little hard on these folks and I know it sounds harsh on those who feel the same way as my friends. Well, so be it.

The true is we need to work hard at our professions if we are going to keep up today. The real question is “what ” are you working hard on? This is the key to understanding the big picture of life.

If we are working on activities which are getting results, then this is great and we should expect returns on our time and energy invested. However, if we are doing none value added or meaningless activities, then we are only teasing ourselves into thinking we are working hard. Personally, I believe the latter is hardly working.

Look it is a right and an honor to have the opportunities to control your own destiny as a b2b sales person. There is no other job I would prefer to have as I enjoy the challenges and the new learning situations I run up against every week. Yet, it is exciting and fun – and most of all – I’m personally engaged to doing what I choose to do for a profession. How cool can that be.

Now, the negative people who are acting like they are working too hard or harder than other people – well, if it hurts that bad apply for another position. Now I know some of you will think or feel that I’m being really cold blooded on this opinion. I can accept that for now.

The key is in a free world we can choose which jobs we want to perform, then we choose how much effort we put into the job, and when we are successful – well we enjoy a greater financial benefit (and ego boost) than the 9 to 5er’s who will never understand the b2b sales position.

Now just choosing to work hard is not the only answer to becoming a true success in the field of b2b sales. It takes keeping up and staying ahead of your competition relative to your personal knowledge, understanding, training and wisdom.

By the way, with general knowledge doubling less than every three years – do you see the issue at hand? Correct. Every year there is a strong possibility one third of what you knew and understood last year is now obsolete. GEEZ! We have must be in a continuous personal development mode or we will fall behind more each year we failure to investment in our self.

Next question for you today is what have your learned during the past 12 months that has made a difference in your results and therefore your life?

Personally, this past year I have had several major aha’s and have been making adjustments in my daily and weekly routines due to this new information. And, must importantly, it appears to be making a difference in my results with my clients. And, this is major cool in anyone’s book.

In summary, your assignment this week is to take a clunk of time and reflect upon what is working for you and where do you seem to be having some difficulties. Then, look closely at your results from the past 12 months and compare to the previous 12 months. Which way is your trend lines? Look at several areas – sales, profitability, product mix, customer growth (number of accounts as A, B, and C Levels) and the quality of your life when working with your customers. This last part may sound a little corny, however, if your relationships are improving it should be a pleasure to collaborate with your customers.

Next, think about what you have learned during the past 12 months. What have you been hearing more about – which you have little understanding into what is being discussed or questioned – that you should focus your learning efforts upon to gain additional insight.

Finally, to insure you have balance in your life – which means having a quality lifestyle – you need to do something about working extremely long hours every day. People who tell me they are working 12 to 14 hours per day, every week – well they have no life.

The key is to clearly understand your top priorities for each day and every week. This keeps you on target for needs to be done each day. Focus and clarity of purpose are your two greatest assets. Use them wisely and you will get both higher standards of performance and results AND a quality lifestyle for you and your family.

Oh, yes, the biggest benefit for you is in knowing you did it the right way. This provides the higher self-esteem and personal self-confidence you need for being a long term success. This all comes from being willing to work hard for your results – getting you a greater feeling of self-mastery. This translates into positive self-knowing rather than only positive self-thought.

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