Are Your Prospecting Emails Getting Deleted?

In this technological age, email is still an important tool for communication with customers and potential customers. I understand the current rage is texting or IMing people, however, I’m still a little old school – plus my fingers are too big for the texting keyboard. There I admit it – not to mention the text is too small for my old eyes! 🙂

Yet, due to the continuous flow of SPAM to the email inbox, we have to deal with three things…

  1. SPAM catchers which route our emails off the inbox into a cyberspace trap.
  2. A hair trigger delete button
  3. An apparent disease of all busy executives – an “ADD” approach to reading emails.

So how can you get your email opened by the key person who actually gets your email in their inbox? As I see it there are five important tips for you to use when writing your emails.

Here are the Five Tips for Writing Email that Gets Read…

  1. Make it Personal
    Relate your email to the person who is receiving the email. Be specific to their job title and responsibility – no generalized emails to these people. Relate to the types of decisions they have to make.
  2. Relate it to Business
    I’m talking about their business. If you place any garbage verbiage about you, your company or your products – expect it to be deleted in a nanosecond.
  3. Keep it Simple and Short
    Get right to the point. The reader has a mental stop watch and you will only get a maximum of 20 seconds (if you’re lucky) before a decision is made – read more, delete or forward to someone who is responsible for this topic.
  4. Be Conversational
    Write like you speak – no cold corporate speak allowed here – assuming you actually want the person to read your email. Write in a business casual style and if you are not certain about how to write business causal – go back and read several of my posts here. I prefer to use a business causal style rather than a professor or corporate speak style.
  5. Use Attention “Getters” Early
    Think about the preview windows for most email clients – you must get the readers attention quickly preferably with more of a story telling style. These stories – success stories – tend to pull the reader into the story and then place themselves into the position of needing help like your main character in the story. However, it needs to be the “short story” version to get read.

Okay, use these five tips as a guide to successful email writing. My definition of successful is they actually are opened and read rather than meeting the fatal “delete button.”

Oh, yes, those SPAM catchers are looking for certain key words. So here is a short list of words – TO NEVER USE IN THE SUBJECT LINE and avoid in the content session of the email. These words include¬

  • free
  • secret
  • truth
  • enlarge
  • click here (opps, realized one of our emails had this phrase in it.)
  • low prices
  • special offer
  • instant
  • sex (this one you should all ready know not to use. GEEZ!)

Two tips in one article, you are living the good life today. Best of selling to all of you this week.

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