Ask for Information You Need

Today is really a reminder more than anything else. It is a simple sales tip. You must ASK for Information that you need in order to make the right offer to your customer. If you don’t ask questions to get the real answers and information – you will be back to the traditional sales methods of presentations and assumptions without real information.

It is interesting how many sales people either forget to ask or don’t want to risk rejection regarding asking questions. Yet, it is very important to ask question that uncover the information you need to select the proper solution for your customer or prospect.

The thing is – it is unprofessional not to ask questions that uncover the problems and issues the customer has at this moment. Then more questions to uncover the degree of recognition of the costs associated with the problem. Then the customer has a clear understanding of the degree of risk they are taking if no action is chosen.

The last thing relative to getting the information you need, is to prepare for the meetings and know what information is important. Then it becomes a natural thing to ask the questions necessary to collect the answers to your important questions. It really is a simple process. Enjoy your new sales success.

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Voss Graham

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