B2B Sales Major Change Issue #1 – Internet Buying

Today, I will begin a five part series on major change issues for b2b sales. Today, I will discuss the first major issue of the movement to Internet Buying of Products and Services.

While I have mentioned this issue in several recent b2b sales tips, I believe it needs its very own discussion to show how important this is becoming. The internet and website selling is moving up in the percentages of purchasing, so we better be prepared for the future.

The buying groups are headed to the internet or direct website purchasing.

This is amplified or caused by the standardized products which offer no differential factors in the marketplace. Coupled with poor or too aggressive sales skills provided by b2b sales people, this no differentiation mentality is  increasing in influence and change in the way companies are buying.

The more “bean counter” type of buyer, the less they want to be bothered by b2b sales people calling on them, all of whom are saying the same things – blah, blah, blah, my product is great or different, here is the added value, we are the leader in widgets or whatever song and dance routines they know. The important difference here is these buyers actually see the b2b salesperson’s commission or salary as an added cost to be eliminated using technology.

It is time to begin to rethink your approach to b2b sales. The b2b sales managers and executives need to understand the sales world is changing rapidly – their sales growth, their ability to hit their numbers every quarter and the profit margins are all under pressure. It is time to have a sales process review and refocus on becoming a real difference maker in the marketplace.

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