B2B Sales Major Change Issue #2 – Getting to Decision Makers

This is the second part of a five part series on major change issues for b2b sales. Today, I will discuss the second major issue of the difficulty encountered by b2b sales people in getting to real decision makers .

I have mentioned this issue in several recent b2b sales tips, yet, I believe it needs more discussion to show how important this is becoming. The difficulty for b2b sales people to meet with decision making executives has become a major barrier to successful large account selling activities.

So what are the real issues creating this major and critical issue for change in our b2b selling knowledge?

Ask any b2b sales person if it is more difficult to get to higher ranking executives or managers today? You will get a resounding yes! Except for the B2B Sales Superstars who changed their method of selling several years ago when this issue first came up.

Why is this happening? The answer is simple, this group hates to waste time with pushy or aggressive b2b sales people. Therefore, they make it very difficult for the sales people to find them and even more difficult to get an appointment or meeting. They use technology to create barrier of entry. Security systems at their offices make it impossible for casual entry and run ins in the hallways or unannounced drop-ins of the old days.

There must be a very good BUSINESS REASON for an executive to meet with you today.

The rule is to match the request with the level of potential decision maker.

The mid level is only interested in improving the productivity and performance of their departments, divisions or groups. They do not care to hear much about products features and benefits, they do want to know about making their area more competitive.

The top level of executives and C Classes are only interested in strategic value and opportunities to make a difference during their term in position. Therefore, to this group – no selling is allowed! This is a very difficult change or adjustment for most b2b sales people who have become experienced in using all their old sales tactics and techniques. Yet, it is the only way to be successful with this important buyer and decision maker.

Take time to rethink your messages, entry strategies and points for challenging or thoughtful questions.

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