B2B Sales Major Change Issue #4 – Breaking Old Success Habits

Today, I will discuss the fourth part of a five part series on major change issues for b2b sales.

Breaking Old Success Habits is one of the biggest obstacles for b2b sales people to make the changes necessary for future b2b sales success. And it is a two step issue – one with the b2b sales people and the other with sales managers and executives who only have traditional sales background experience.

First, the hardest thing  for a b2b sales person to do during a major change or market shift is to unlearn all the old knowledge, training and expertise that brought them to this point in time. Habits are the most difficult change issue for individuals. Why? Because they are emotionally attached to their old methods of selling. In fact, the triggers and scripts are all recorded in the self conscious mind and start working before the conscious mind can redirect their actions and statements.

This is why after sales people have been exposed to new sales training, the old techniques and tactics are still being used in the field – days, weeks or months after the “new” sales training. Sometimes it is more important to change the internal programs before the new sales training will even penetrate the thought process. For more information on this form of change, check out the information on Winning Mindsets for Sales website.

The second hardest thing for the b2b sales person is to deal with their own “out of touch” old school sales manager or sales executive. Most of the sales executives climbed the sales side ladder during the height of the old school selling success model. Since they usually avoid actual selling to the modern customer, they still tell their sales teams to handle objections, make better powerpoint driven presentations and continue to close, close and then close some more.

No wonder it is becoming so difficult for b2b sales people to get positive results when being managed by out of date and ineffective sales managers. Remember, the real issue is your customers today do not want to be sold anything – they want to buy strategic value for their organization.

Both B2B Sales People and Sales Management need to understand the importance of change and learning the new success methods for gaining superior b2b sales growth. The most difficult encounter for these people is to unlearn old habits and knowledge which will no longer give them the advantage desired in the marketplace. Get ready for the new and growing your sales and consistency of sales success.

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