B2B Sales Negotiation Tip

Recently I have observed several interesting sales negotiations taking place whereby I could make the call on who would lose any major points.

Strong statement? Yes, I know it is.

The reason for my prediction was quite simple. One of the players broke rule number one of b2b sales negotiation tips. Okay, so what is this rule number one?

Never eat a big lunch with heavy carbs and sugary deserts before going to a major negotiation meeting.

Now, truthfully I believe common sense should take a b2b sales person to eat light before any type of negotiation. Yet, time after time I see b2b sales people take a customer to lunch before beginning the all important sales negotiation meeting.

What they seem to miss is the customer eating just a salad or a very light and healthy meal while the b2b sales person has a steak and baked potato along with a cheesecake or some other heavy desert.

It just hit me as to what is going on! This b2b sales person is so unsuccessful that the opportunity to have a great big meal at the company expense is too overwhelming to pass up. So, they are in survival mode rather than preparing for their negotiation and contributing to their personal success mode.

Seriously, the facts are a heavy meal loads the stomach and extra blood is sent to the digestive suite rather than the brain suite for clear thinking. So, about a half hour into the negotiations the person who ate the big meal is getting fewer oxygen cells in their brain cells so with the added activity – hazy thought and a lack of concentration.

How do I know this? A buyer told me he had been trained in a negotiation seminar to take their vendors to lunch and encourage a big meal thus creating a competitive advantage for the buyer! GEEZ! Where is the fair play these days?

Okay, finally on the day of big negotiation eat a protein based breakfast and then only have a salad with a little chicken or fish added (small amounts)

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