B2B Sales Presentation Tip – Move or Be Still?

Seems several of you want to know about b2b sales presentation skills and are asking specific questions looking for helpful tips. So, I will start with one I hear often.

When do I move around and when do I stand still during my b2b sakes presentation?

Okay, first let me cover this by asking you which are you more comfortable and confident doing? This is a key point. When I do sales presentation training for sales people, the first thing we determine, is what is each person’s natural skills and comfort zone.

Some people prefer the security of a podium and having notes in front of them for quick reference. (Remember it is acceptable to stand reading a speech or for that matter reading powerpoint slides to the group.) Yet, there is a right and wrong way to stand at a podium. Most sales people want to grab on to the podium with some type of death grip. I have actually seen their arms tremble from the vice grip approach.

Then there are the moving target b2b sales presentation. Here the sales person is talking on the run. Moving constantly and the audience is having to follow them around the room. I have found most of the time, this is nervous energy being burned due to two factors – 1. They are winging their presentation with no practice at all or 2. They are so nervous they cannot stand still even for one moment.

The answer to the question is – it depends.

Okay, I know you a definitive answer, so let me explain this answer.

First, if you feel more energized and confident by moving around during the b2b sales presentation, then it is better for you to move. The key is to use moderation in your movements. No fast or jerky movements. These become distracting to certain individuals and particularly certain behavioral styles. Like most things, moderation is the best answer.

Second, if you are someone who prefers to keep moving during a b2b sales presentation there is another thing you need to do when making a major point or point of emphasis. Whenever you are making a major point in your presentation, think like a Giant Oak Tree. In other words, you want to stop moving, stand like a big solid oak tree, pause, make eye contact with a key decision maker in the group and state your point – lowering your voice during this process to make sure they are listening.

By standing like a big oak tree during a major point presentation, you show your confidence and stability. This are actually meta talk symbols used to influence your listeners. The lowering of your voice while presenting the major point keeps their attention as they strain to hear exactly what you have to say.

Now, for those of you who are very comfortable standing behind a podium, this is truly a highly successful position – if you follow a few rules of thumb.

  • Avoid grabbing the podium.
  • Avoid using the straight arm stretch to the front of the podium
  • Avoid reading anything to the audience – tell the story instead
  • Tell stories to engage the minds of the audience
  • Avoid data or detail dumps upon the audience
  • Stand up right and tall without swaying from side to side
  • Keep your head up and making eye contact with the group

There you have some rules of thumb regarding the do and don’t of a b2b sales presentation. Follow these rules and you will win more business than before.

Finally, one last thought, practice your presentations repetitively until you have it down pat. When you know your b2b sales presentation so well if you were awaken at 3am in the morning, you could begin your b2b sales presentation without hesitation or doubt or well – notes.

Most of all, enjoy doing the presentations since it can differentiate you from the thundering herd of average b2b sales people.

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