B2B Sales Tip – Make Buyers Think

Yes, I know this sound simplistic and somewhat demeaning. However, it is a major issue for many b2b sales people who want to agree with the buyers or be seen as the “nice” seller.

Well, welcome to reality 202. The reality is if you agree to everything, avoid tough or controversial questions or only ask simple “mind-numbing” questions – you lose!

In the world of b2b sales the world is fast paced, crazy time shortages, and attention spans calculated in nano seconds rather than minutes. It is up to the b2b sales person to take charge of getting the attention of the buyer.

You do that by asking great questions designed before you show up for the meeting, webinar or phone call. These questions are designed to grab the buyers attention, make them take time to actually think about their current situation or desired situation and then to articulate their answer to you in a meaningful way.

Avoid rookie mistakes or the status quo questions that EVERY SALES PERSON is asking the buyer. Get out the box, think about the business issues the company is experiencing, what business objectives are being impacted by this selling opportunity and plan your questions in advance of the meeting.

Yes, I know you will have to do some homework to get the type of information you need OR you can use your experience and expertise to assume issues for particular types of companies, markets, industries, current trends or similar customers you work with currently. It is not difficult if you get into the habit of doing this type of pre-work regarding new prospects or new areas of existing customers.

The best thing you can hear from a prospect or customer after a meeting is ” you really made me think about some things I haven’t thought about in a while.” This type of thinking creates clarity and understanding of the realities of any situation you target.

One last thing, take the time to practice this type of questioning. You do not want to come across like a police detective in an interrogation room. You want to be calm and professional – like the true business advisor you want to be for your customers.

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