Eight Buying Signals for B2B Sales

Several sales people have asked me about what are buying signals they need to recognize. While for some b2b sales people this is more of an instinctive activity, it never hurts to review the eight basic buying signals.

Before I list the eight buying signals, I want to say I have been with many sales people who completely missed the buying signals. When asked about this lack of action I got several excuses, such as…

  • I wasn’t sure if they meant it.
  • I don’t want to take action too early
  • I felt it was too risky at the moment to ask for the business
  • I didn’t want to cause a problem with our great relationship!
  • I really didn’t notice, were they sending out buying signals?

Okay, you catch my point. I actually feel the last excuse is the most common issue. The sales person is not paying attention to the buyer and completely misses the signal. I have seen this when a sales person is taking dictation rather than watching the actions and body language of the buyer. Your job is to pay attention to everything a buyer is doing especially when they are sending you buying signals.

So let’s list the eight most common buying signals you need to know and recognize…

  1. Nodding their head
    Consistent nodding of their head means they are in total agreement with you. Ask for the business.
  2. Become Detail Oriented
    Begin a series of questions about the details of the product or service, When the questions reflect or lend to implementation or how to use the product or service – it is time to ask for the business.
  3. Ask about YOUR service standards
    Again with the focus upon your service standards rather than the actual product you are offering – it is time to ask for the business.
  4. Attention to Sample
    When more attention is placed upon a sample, they are thinking about how to use it in their operation.
  5. Keep Looking at Testimonials
    Reading and smiling about testimonials means they are visualizing some type of implementation or solution similar to what they are reading about – time to ask for the business.
  6. Debating Options
    This one is a little more complex since they are confused about which option to use. Before asking for the business begin a series of questions to help them see the best option for them. Get them involved in a discussion about the options and focus on the benefits they would get. Sometimes just pointing out the benefits as it relates to the buyer is all you need to do to get the business.
  7. Haggle about Non-essentials
    This is nothing more than wasting each others time attempting to show off before a business associate or their boss. Cut through the maze and close the business.
  8. Have NO Additional Questions
    No more questions about the product or service being offered, your service standards are not being challenged, and the buyer feels comfortable with the no more questions response – then it is time to ask for the business.

Ask you can see from the above list, there are numerous opportunities to ask for the b2b sale. If you don’t ask, you are letting the buyer off the hook because they are probably waiting for the question. However, if they are not asked, they will not ask you or just tell you – I’m ready to buy! That is your job as the b2b sales professional to ask for the business.

Never waste an opportunity to ask for the business. If you are too nervous or sacred to ask for the business, it is possible you are in the wrong profession. Asking for the business is a core competency for b2b sales people.Know both when and how to use buying signals and join the ranks of the b2b sakes superstars.

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