Find New Business in Orphaned Accounts

During this period of high turnover and layoff rates, have you seen some sales people leave your team and no one has replaced them. This is a possible opportunity to pick up some new business with orphaned accounts.

What is an orphaned account? Simple, it is an account with your organization whose sales person of record leave the company and no one has taken over the account. Or in some cases, they are customers who stopped doing business with your company because no one called on them and asked for the business again.

These are warmer than normal “cold calls” since the accounts have done business with your organization in the past. Sometimes the only thing missing is a friendly face to call on them and ASK for the business again. It is possible that some bad blood exists between the customer and your organization. However, you are a new to game and can overcome all but the worst cases. And, you will get a nice increase in business during slow times due to the economy.

Go into the company records, ask accounting or your sales manager for a list of past customers. Check the list and look for clues as to the reasons they are not doing business with your company. Make some phone calls and schedule some appointments. Start using your professional selling skills to win them back and grow your business.

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