Five Brain Teasers to Drive Credibility with Buyers

Most b2b sales people charge into an account and begin a data dump of features, benefits and solutions on their target decision makers. Well, stop it today. No more direct or frontal assaults.

Even military strategist have learned the frontal assault is a very wasteful method to use. They now deploy end around techniques, deception techniques or other methods to gain an advantage on their targets. Well is it time for you to stop the frontal assaults?

Some of you are asking – what is a frontal assault in selling? It is the old school presentation model of selling made famous when the customers had no idea about what products or service were available. Thus, they had to rely upon the sales person to show them the way with lots of information about products and service – a data dump of ideas.

Well, welcome to the new world whereby the customer probably knows more about your product category then you due to the Internet and all its information at their finger tips.

You new sales techniques include one of the techniques used by the media to get your attention and interest. They use teasers to keep your interest at a higher level and you should be using teasers with your prospects and customers.

So what the heck am I talking about? Maybe I just used it on you since you kept on reading. Sorry about that, my inner child comes out to play every once and a while. 🙂

The five key teasers to use with your buyers are designed to drive your credibility – thus the desire to keep you around for more in-depth discussions. So here are the five teasers…

  1. Research
    Reflect upon information you learned during your research for this visit. Get validation from the buyer on key points or details you learned. This showed a real interest and a professional touch since you actually did homework before showing up without a canned sales presentation.
  2. Success Stories
    Use success stories to show your experience in dealing with real customer issues and problems and your ability to resolve these issues and problems with actual customers. Experience implies you know what to do and have actually done it.
  3. Investigation
    During your walk around and other interviews with key personnel you recognized issues, bottlenecks or limiting steps for their success. Knowing how these issues can escalate into even larger issues again can demonstrate expertise on the subject.
  4. Share Possible Results
    Without stating a projected answer, you set the stage for a possible favorable solution for the decision maker. Discuss how much other customers have received in returns or goals achieved using your solutions. Be careful to only use their results at this time with no direct inclination the customer will get the same results. You do this for two reasons: 1.) It shows you are not using a definitive results promise before knowing all the facts. 2.) In case the decision maker has a definitive disbelief about certain levels of results, you leave the door open for discussion.
  5. No Certainty Yet
    Here you are showing you have no definitive or standardized solution to their issues. In other words, it is time to discuss their “unique” situation to develop a “unique, yet proven” solution especially for them. The key is to get the buyer curious to learn more about how you could help them – like you have helped others in the same industry.

There you have it – the reasons or strategies for teasing your prospects into more time and interviews. Your goals is to learn more about the prospect so you can offer a tailored solution for them with a definitive return on investment.

Again, the questioning model is a key component in engaging the potential customer and winning their account. The old school presentation model is losing its effectiveness and driving the commodity sales attitudes of buyers.

Be different and be more effective in your b2b sales efforts. Use the questioning model and curiosity to keep the customers engaged and thinking about the possible need for change. Change is the key to winning new business.

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