Five Common Traits of a Qualified Potential Customer

Okay, I know – a potential customer is a prospect. I enjoy using my own terms even if I’m sharing the five most common traits of the prospect for you.

First, remember this important statement…

You must be standing in front of qualified prospects if you want to succeed in b2b sales.

Unqualified prospective customers are all over the map in your wasting or losing valuable time. And, these people are really good at wasting your time.

As a b2b sales person, you need to be paying attention and locating the qualified buyers who can make a serious difference in your b2b sales success.

Here are the five common traits you need to watch for when doing your research on targeted accounts…

  1. They a Real Need for a Solution – to solve a problem, eliminate an issue, improve a bad situation, or to close an existing gap.

  2. They have power and budget control – they have the position and authority to commit to an agreement.

  3. They have a Sense of Urgency – they know the importance to create change now rather than later.

  4. They have trust in you, your company or your product – they know you can or have delivered results and they want the results too.

  5. They will listen to you – they are willing to meet and listen to your offering or solution with an open mind.

These five are in play with an decision maker who can and will take action for the benefit of their organization. Remember it is all about them getting what they need, when they need it and has nothing to do with your agenda or needs.

If you make the mistake of focusing on your needs rather than their needs, you will lose both the opportunity and more importantly – your credibility. Focus on the customer and make every second count when you get face to face with the qualified prospect.

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