Four Areas for B2B Sales Creativity

For years we have taught sales people and particularly b2b sales people that creativity is your personal competitive advantage. When you use creativity correctly you win more sales and accounts.

In my opinion there are four areas where your creativity is a necessary part of the sales process. The need for creative application in these four areas is critical to your b2b sales success.

So let’s look at these four areas whereby you will need to apply your best creativity…

  1. Create Buyer interest – usually this successful when the buyer shows no interest or disinterest in the beginning of the sales process. How well you capture their attention and interest is a creative method.
  2. Spark Customer Demand – in the face of no desire you use questions to drive a wedge between their current situation and where they want to be. Showing the buyer it is possible to reach new heights of satisfaction and success.
  3. Increase Customer Satisfaction – This is critical if you want continued and repeat business from a buyer or customer account. How many different ways can you show a customer their ROI from doing business with you, the emergency situations you have saved them from disaster, and how well you have penetrated the account to help multiple influencers to be seen as successful – to the point no one ways you to leave, thus insuring your long term business relationship.
  4. Expand Acceptance to New Ideas – Now this is very important when you are selling a large solution calling for major changes in the operational structure of the buyer. When a buyer or decision maker has never made a decision regarding your type of solution or offering, there is a natural credibility gap to be closed. Your creativity can open this door. Without creativity in the bridging the gap explanations, the first choice is NO CHANGE. The risk of change in an unknown outcome or unknown experience factor is too great for the decision makers – so they take the no risk position.

There you have a quick overview of what areas to apply your natural creativity to b2b sales. Become a sales winner and join the ranks of the b2b Sales Superstars.

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