Four B2B SalesTips for Using Email and Text Messaging

Seems the b2b sales world is going more and more to the internet and email. Text messages is also making a big move in activity. So, whether you are an email or text messenger machine, these b2b sales tips will apply equally. However, you must use these techniques if you want great customer relationships.

Face to face actions is the best method for building great relationships with your b2b customers. Yet, in our fast paced and impersonal world we must learn to use the tools at hand and still build excellent relationships.

So how do you build customer relationships using technology rather than the phone or personal visits? That seems to be the million dollar question.

Here are four tips to building customer relationships using technology.

  1. Focus on Relationship Building
    If all you do is try to sell someone, I can predict with 100% accuracy it will be deleted first. It is your responsibility to focus upon building a relationship with your prospect or existing customers. Use every contact or “touch” as a moment to build a trust based relationship. Share information and ask questions. Show interest in the customer or prospect and they will show interest in you.
  2. Reply Quickly
    Before cell phones and PDA’s no one expected an immediate call back due to a lack of instant contact. Since the invention of the fax machine and then the cell phone, things have changed dynamically. Customers and prospects expect you to respond quickly to their calls or text messages. The solution is simple and clear. Respond quickly, even if the answer is I will call you at x pm. If you know you are going to be out of pocket for a day or longer due to travel, conferences, vacation, etc. – then set up an auto-responder telling them you are out, when you will be checking the email or who to contact in your place (assuming you do not have someone monitoring your accounts during your absence.). As a rule of thumb, initial response should be within 90 minutes or less – particularly for major accounts.
  3. Be Personal
    This is no time to sound and act like a corporate media department. Corporate speak – those non-emotional responses that read like legalese or just plain cold blooded – is out if you want to build real relationships with your customers. Use their name, be personal, ask about something important in their live (kids, family, football, fishing, golf, whatever is personally important to them.) and listen to their emotional response. That is what relationship building is all about – being a real person to another real person.
  4. Be Selective in Giving Information
    Now this one is important – particularly if you are selling professional services. Be selective in giving out information, focus upon issues and the possible benefits they are looking for in their discovery process. To often, the b2b sales person gives away their process and vital information, which is then handed over to a competitor or worst an inside person who states “Oh, we or I can do that for you.” The sale is lost. Give enough information to satisfy their questions, yet, not enough for them to do it themselves. Look the important thing here is to keep their curious about how you can do something for them that is special and important. Curiosity keeps them calling back and you can keep the sales process moving forward.

There are probably more tips regarding the use of email and text messaging and I encourage you to share those using the comment box below. I for one will truly enjoy reading about your tips on using technology to build relationships.

Thanks for visiting our site. Again, comments are welcomed by me. You are ones in the field and have varied experiences or questions about best practices in the b2b sales world. If you have a question you want answered use the contact page to send me a spam free message and I will get back to you.

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