Four Commitments for Sales People to Make

So you want to be successful as a B2B Sales, first you must make four commitments to sales. In this day and age, your mindset has a lot to do with your ultimate level of success. I can say that your mental edge has a foundation in your four commitments to sales success. So what are these four commitments, here they are…

  1. Commit to your Company – Remember we are talking about your ultimate level of success in sales, therefore the starting point is being committed to your company. I remember when a manager asked me to be true to his company for a certain number of years. And, due to my commitment, the company helped me reach a new level of success. I often wonder what would have been different in my life had I been stubborn and refused to commit? The SuperStars I have had the privilege of knowing and working with during the last twenty years have all been committed to the success of their companies – no exceptions.
  2. Commit to your Profession – Sometimes I’m amazed at people who are in the role of sales – yet, do not treat it as a profession. By profession, I mean become a sales professional. This means recognize that you must have a continuous improvement process in motion for you. All other professions have certification processes which require yearly education and training to stay current in their profession. Sometimes this only means to revisit the basics of selling, learning about new products, learning how to gain rapport with anyone you meet, learn new things about your industry or the industry you sell to everyday. There are so many things to learn, and remember, customers look for sales people who have expertise in their profession.
  3. Commit to your Customers – Now this seems simple, yet, it extents past knowing your customers and their industries. You have to think about your customer’s best interest rather than your best interest. This is a tough call for some sales people who are in the profession just for the money. “Just for the Money” is a short term approach and will end in poor performance over time. The truth is you must be willing to walk away from a deal that is not in the best interest of the customer. To be successful, you must focus upon your customer’s long-term needs and not your own short term gains.
  4. Commit to Yourself – This is key to your long term success. You are in absolute control of your life. How you spend your time, how you educate yourself, and how you improve YOU to get consistent personal growth is all under your control. You choose the quality of your life – Really! Too often, people shift blame to others or their company for their level (or lack of) growth and accomplishment.

You must know and be committed to the four commitments listed above because the good old boy days of selling are gone or definitely in their twilight of effectiveness. Today, you must be seen as a professional with expertise that separates you from the thundering herd of just sales people. You control your level of success based upon the choices you make.

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