Four Reasons to Sell to Top Level Executives

Yes, selling to someone other than a purchasing agent is what I’m talking about today. The plain truth is you must be making an effort to get to the top level executives if you want to remain in the sales game.

The internet and all these new buying at low cost gizmos are taking over the good ole boys network of showing up to sell to the purchasing agent. Taking them to play golf and three martini lunches is now being blocked by their organizations ethics groups and the negative consequences of such actions is no longer without teeth.

Okay, this is part of the new information I promised, so here it is. By selling to the top levels of executives, you can have some control over these four factors…

  1. Can Protect Your Core Products
    Even if you are primarily selling commodity level products, when you are dealing with the top level executives and are positioned to add strategic value – they protect you from the procurement types who only think in terms of lowest price.
  2. Gain Access to Important People and Information
    This one can make your life much simpler. As you work to become seen as the business person who sells and attract the perception of being a business advisor to your customers you will have the added benefit of being introduced to other executives inside AND outside the customers organization. This is the Mother Lode for b2b sales people, since your credibility is automatically transferred to the other executives your next sales cycle is shortened.
  3. Create New Demand
    Once you have gained recognition as a business advisor, you can then expand or promote bigger and larger offerings to the customer. In other words, more high reward, higher risk, big change ideas can now be offered and fully discussed as a business opportunity. In fact, now the executives expect you to offer more in terms of opportunity generating ideas and positive ROI ventures than before without as many questions.
  4. Balance Your Offerings
    Now this is where you get to do some serious salesmanship. You get to keep your commodity type products in the game while expanding your sales opportunities with bigger opportunity projects. You are balanced the old sales with the new larger opportunities. It does not get any better than this when you are selling to the top executives of your customer and prospect accounts.

There you have the four reasons you want to get involved in selling to the top executives. More importantly, you want to position yourself as a business person who sells and become known to your customer executives as a business advisor. Again, the main method you will use when selling to the top executives is No Traditional Selling Allowed! You want to be seen as a business person who wants to help the customer and the executive using Strategic Value Added opportunities rather than products and services.

Join the ranks of the B2B Sales Superstars and enjoy your new role within the executive offices of your prospects and customers. Remember, they are looking for strategic value rather than products or services.

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