Four Signs of an Excellent Customer Coach

I was thinking about the previous b2b sales tips on identifying and finding a coach within your customer’s account. Then it occurred to me, how do you know if you have an “excellent” coach in your customer’s account?

So, here are four critical signs you can use to evaluate the quality of your Coach.

Four Critical Signs You Have an Excellent Coach…

  1. Knowledge Source
    When a coach is willing to tell you they do not necessarily know the answer to a question, yet, the know who does know the answer. Then they either get the answer for you or introduce you to the person that has the answer. This is a good sign of a quality coach.
  2. Opportunities
    This is my personal favorite. The coach helps you identify additional opportunities within their company – rather in their area or other areas of the company. Also, they are willing to brain storm to generate ways you can help the company improve using your products or services.
  3. Encouragement
    Besides the apparent they want you to win, they also want you to get to the senior level executives within their organization. Therefore, you will hear them encouraging you to meet with higher level executives (rather than a typical do not go around me attitude.). Then they show you how to approach these executives for best impact.
  4. Access
    Based upon the research into “what determines who an executive will meet with,” this is an outstanding critical sign of an outstanding coach. They will assist you in gaining access to the higher level executives – usually with a personal introduction. Things do not get any better than this in the world of b2b sales. Being introduced by a credible person within their organization is the number one reason an executive will meet a b2b sales person.

There you have a guide to assessing the true quality of your identified coach or coaches in your accounts. Use this guide to assist you in knowing if you need to improve your relationship with your coach or find a better coach to help you succeed within a target customer.

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