Four Things You Need Before the First B2B Meeting

Got a question from my one of my clients this week, asking me what a b2b sales person needs to have prior to making their first b2b sales call?

So, what do you have before you make your first b2b sales call? The first meeting with a possible decision maker in the b2b sales process?

Here are the four things that you can research prior to that first meeting. These four items will give you some additional insight into figuring out the business fit between your company and the prospect or customer.

The Four Things Needed Before the First B2B sales call are as follows…

  1. Corporate Profile on the Customer – Here you are looking for things like the corporate history, where did they begin, what products and services do they offer, who are their major competitors, and what is their current sales trends – up, down or sideways?
  2. Organizational Structure – If you can, attempt to chart out the organizational structure or chart. What are the key departments within the organization, how do they relate to each other, and is their a key group controlling the organization.
  3. Key Players – Who are the key players in the organization? What are their roles and how much influence would they have in your sales process? What are the players backgrounds, where did they come regarding former organizations they have worked or what school did they graduate? All these insights assist you in determining who is the critical decision maker before you make the first call. (You will still need to validate your information with insider acknowledgment.)
  4. Departmental Profile – If you are only selling to one department or division within the organization, then you need to have an overview profile of this group. It is your responsibility to learn if the group you are calling on is moving in a positive direction or having difficulties. This allows for you to plan a better b2b sales strategy to win the account. Remember, every thing you do in advance of the actual call or meeting prepares you for a fast start and keeping the pace of the meetings moving toward your milestones.

There you have the four critical things you need to develop before making the first call or setting the first meeting in the b2b sales process. The key to your success is to do your homework or research to gain an advantage in the b2b sales process.You can make the difference when you know more about the customer than some of the people inside the customer’s organization.

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