How Does Your Coach Win in B2B Sales?

Continuing the theme on identifying and developing a coach to help you win an account, I need to clarify how a coach actually wins. Since they are number of ways a coach wins, I want to share the major wins coaches receive when you win.

The following are the major wins experienced by most coaches you find who fit the previous list of best coach traits.

Let’s look at the major win possibilities for your new coach…

  • Personal Win
    This one is the big win. This type of win allows  the coach to feel great about their efforts to get you into the organization. The fact the coach likes you, respects you and feels an emotional connection allows the coach to just feel good about their efforts to help you.
  • Professional Win
    Here they relate the win to achieving their goals and objectives, positive influence on their organization, accomplishing more and helping in the improvement of the organization. Their win usually transfers to a job well done and can lead to promotions within their company.
  • Negative Win
    Here the coach actually wants to keep someone else out of their company. It could be based upon any number of issues – from the just don’t like the competitor to the coach feels their solution is a bad decision and will fail during implementation or worst after the coach is placed in a situation of fixing a bad decision.
  • Interest in You Win
    This is close to the personal win, yet, here the focus is more on you or your company. The coach here believes you are the better choice or even a sound choice for correcting whatever situation they want to eliminate.
  • Recognition Win
    There are many people – especially in the higher levels of an organization – who need or feel they need more recognition for their efforts. By coaching you into their company, they feel they will get more recognition for promoting you and your company as well as being noticed as a proactive problem solver by others in the organization.
  • Political Win
    This one is a potential hot potato since politics is less important than being focused upon performance. Yet, in the real world, many people in companies today want to win to gain political muscle or respect. Unfortunately, the political game can could back on the both you and the coach. It is better to connect the win to one of the higher level wins listed above.
  • Insight Win
    Occasionally, even the coach learns some things during the coach meetings with you. When this happens, the information you provide during a visit improves their understanding of work flows or process steps for improvement and even best practices within their areas of responsibility.

The above Wins are the major ones, yet, remember there are numerous ways a coach can win in addition to those above. The key for you is to use the Questioning Model of Selling and learn the exact win a coach will receive when you win.

This knowledge will allow you to position your solution and connect your solution to their ability to win. Again, a win-win situation occurs and everyone is happy.

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