Building Success Stories from Satisfied B2B Customers

Okay, curious about this title? What reasons would you need to get information from your existing and satisfied b2b Customers?

Simple. You are looking to accumulate good data points for finding the advantages and benefits your customers are receiving since they became your customer.

Remember, the more information you can get from a SATISFIED customer, the simpler it becomes to create a success story or document the business results of becoming your customer. This information helps you gain more business – both from the existing customers and new prospects.So, how to you get this great and helpful information? You ask questions about certain topics to get the big picture of business results from your customer. Here are some of the topics you need to learn about…

  1. How did they do things before you engaged them as a customer?
    You want as clear a picture of the actual performance of the company prior to your involvement. What old processes were they using then? Specifics can become valuable as you explore their success and any changes they made.
  2. What problems were they dealing with at that time?
    Here you are looking for both the real problems they already knew about plus the problems they were unaware or just dealt with since it was more comfortable then change. Did the problems cover multiple functional areas?
  3. What were the overall consequences and impact of these problems and issues?
    Now you are looking for the real costs of the problems or the cost of a no change in their operation. Learning about the specifics of the reach of the problems also helps you to build a true return on investment – that they can agree with too.
  4. What business results and additional value have they gotten since engaging you as in their business relationship?
    This is where you began to show your impact on their business. What are their specific savings or revenue increases due to your engagement with your customer. The important thing to reminder – when they create the data points, the customer will do two things. One is they will feel great for making the original decision to work with you. And Two, they will be likely to tell others about what the got – business results – when asked about your value.

There you have a blueprint for learning how to create a success story using a satisfied customer to furnish the data points and details of your engagement and commitment. The more success stories you accumulate over time the better you will be when approaching prospects. You will have specific success stories to share with the high level executives who are experiencing the same problems today.

Win more business using your history of success and the ROI accompanying each situation. Fact is – the more success stories, the less likely the prospect will get concerned about your creditability to solve their problem.

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  1. Excellent tips on creating effective customer success stories. I would add that these stories often work best when told from the customer’s point of view, rather than your company’s. When the story is told this way, it 1) appears more as educational and less as marketing and 2) resonates with future potential customers who can identify with the problems described.

    Pamela DeLoatch
    Telling Your Business Stories–
    Customer Success Stories, Profiles and Articles

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