Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way by Ron Karr

Hey, you know I don’t usually talk about books and other processes – however, my friend Ron Karr has a best selling b2b sales book. I can highly recommend his book as a great b2b sales resource.

Okay, here is the deal – Ron actually is offering the first three chapters of his book as a free download from his website. This could be a excellent way to get some excellent reading material addressing b2b sales at no cost to you.

While Ron Karr is a friend and we have partnered on client projects, this is not some affiliate deal or anything like that. Having read his book – and it is very good – I believe you would benefit from it.

In the interest of full disclosure – there is one catch. To be able to download the three chapters of his book he wants your email address. In this case, unless he goes over the top – he does not spam anyone with daily or even weekly emails. He does send a monthly enewsletter which has some good information.

It is totally your call on this offer, yet, unless you already have purchased his book this is a good method to get some excellent sales material.

So, if you want it – use this link (direct link no extra stuff) RonKarr.com/leadsellbook .


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