Marketing Lagging in good B2B Sales Leads?

Alright, most of you know I am a big believer in b2b sales understanding the world of marketing if they are going to join the ranks of the B2B Sales Superstars. So, I look at what marketing departments and their ad agencies are generating to develop quality leads for the b2b sales team.

Simply put, the marketing groups are getting low scores in the world of gathering high quality leads for the typical b2b sales person. Why is this happening with all these smart people working for marketing departments.

These marketing groups are getting some things done like social media marketing (the young people in this departments understand how to use this media.) and they know how to get print advertising done and even some public relations marketing. And some have rediscovered the use of “You and Your” to place the potential customer in the story line.

However, when I review the content of the marketing pieces or even the social media – they is one common missing link to make it totally work in the world of b2b sales. So, what is missing?

The major thing missing from 90 to 95% of marketing material is Problems. I’m not talking about world news problems or anything that is political in nature. What I’m talking about is…

What Problems Does Your Product or Service Solve on a Regular Basis?

Problem oriented marketing is the trigger to get people who have the same or similar problem to get curious in how you solved this issue. They really don’t know how to do or they would have solved the problem a long time ago. Seriously, this is an opportunity for organizations engaged in the world of B2B Sales.

The Marketing Departments have not followed in the pathway blazed by modern b2b sales people who use the questioning model of sales. There are still using the old marketing models of showing off the products and all the technical data or using an incentive to drive interest due to a special promotion of the month. The issue with the special promotion of the month is – 90% of the time is about lowing the price of the product, which is the main stream of traditional selling models. They only work in the short term and then you have t o start over with a New Program of the Month!

A better method or strategy is to learn what problems your products or services are modifying or eliminating and accumulate the data. Also, how did the situation start, what exactly was done to improve the situation and what was the payoff to the customer? (Does this sound similar to the Questioning Model for b2b sales?)

If the marketing department can incorporate some of the new neuro-marketing techniques of showing the current situation on one side of the page and the changed results of the solution on the other side, the ROI of the marketing group’s efforts would increase.

The truth is most marketing departments are still designing for the 20th century while competing in the 21st century. Marketing departments need to help out their b2b sales teams by taking a more problem oriented approach in their marketing efforts. Showing the problems with the associated costs gets the attention of the prospect – because they have the same problem. Then showing a success story with the favorable outcomes and results, gets the prospect involved due to the emotional desire to have the same piece of mind as the hero in the success story.

The Key to the future for Marketing Departments to gather high quality leads for the b2b sales team is to learn how to show problems can be solved simply using proven processes and methods explained in the success stories of others. These marketing pieces are more believable than assertions made by b2b sales people telling their side of the story.

Your action step is to share information with the marketing departments about the types of problems you uncover with prospects and customers. Then share how the situation was improved and especially share the results and financial returns experienced by the customer. Specifics are much better than generalities of theory or concepts. Prospects and Customers want to buy things that actually work and deliver on their expectations. Help them understand what you and your organization can do and watch more opportunities come into your world.

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