One Thing a B2B Sales Person Must Know

Just like the character Curly in the movie “City Slickers” continued to ask people – what is the one thing? Well, b2b sales people seem to very curious as to what is the one thing they need to know more than anything else?

At first, I thought this was a silly and useless question designed to provide some silver bullet solution for higher levels of sales results. Yet, as I began to think about the question and reflect upon the possible answers and the ultimate meaning or impact upon all b2b sales people – the answer came as a blindingly light of the obvious.

In the world of b2b sales, we are no longer pushing things on our customers. We are helping our customers more and more to achieve more themselves.

If that is the case, then as b2b sales people our job is to help our customers solve problems and improve their results. When we do this successfully, we have long term relationships with our customers.

So, back to the question at hand – What One Thing Does a B2B Sales Person Have to Know?

What Problems Do You and Your Products or Services Solve?

In other words, as a B2B Sales person, you need to know exactly what types of problems you can solve.

Now the reasons this is important to you are as follows…

  • Helps you design questions to uncover the real problems a potential customer has now.
  • Helps you to target better customers who fit the probability of a certain problem being with this customer.
  • Helps you with positioning yourself and your company with prospective decision makers who can make a difference in your results.
  • Helps with developing tools to measure the results from solving a particular problem.
  • Helps to establish “you” as an expert in the area of solving these types of issues or problems.
  • Gives you more confidence when interacting with the decision makers.
  • Finally, you improve your personal time management due to a focused approach with targeted accounts. Therefore, wasting less time chasing accounts who do not possess this issue and keep focused upon accounts you can help

There you have a group of seven reasons for “Knowing What Problems You Solve.” Your job at this point is to take some time to think about the problems you solve and making a list. You may want to gain even greater insight by asking a couple of your best customers about the problems you helped them over come. You could be amazed at some of their answers.

The key is to take the time to learn and document how you are helping your customers improve their performance. This information will form the basis of your success stories you can share as examples of your experience and expertise regarding these matters. When you do this – watch your contacts expression change from tense to relaxed literally in the blink of an eye.


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