Practice to be a Sales Professional

It continues to amaze me how often sales people claim they want to be or are sales professionals. Then I mention “role play” and they have 1001 things to do, don’t have the time, or find it is not reality.

The truth is most sales people would prefer to go to the field of play – the customer or prospect’s office – than to practice their sales skills or sales techniques. Their approach is to “wing it” so they can flow with the customer or prospect. That planning a sales call takes too much time and is meaningless.

The reality that I find most common is these same people are the worst sales people. They have no plan or goal – so anything counts even if it is meaningless or unprofitable. They have no list of questions to uncover specific issues that match what they are selling (big issue with a number of sales people who learn everything except what they can solve), nor do they have any ideas about potential issues the customer or prospect is currently dealing with or desires to eliminate.

Sorry, I got on a side road from the topic that is related to being a Sales Professional. So back to this thing called practice. Super Star sales people are willing to practice their trade with others – peers on the sales team, their sales manager, other functional areas in their company or an experienced sales trainer who can give immediate constructive feedback. Practicing your sales techniques allows you to perfect your delivery, phrasing, timing and quality of questions – before you get in front of the customer or prospect.

Professional train and practice ALL THE TIME. They are totally prepared for any type of game time situation. Even the great Tiger Woods goes to the practice tee before playing – after he has spent hours and hours developing specific shots for a specific situation. This is no different from a great sales person who practices the delivery of specific types of questions designed to uncover specific issues a prospect may have and then build a case for change – buying your solution.

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