Seven Simple B2B Sales Tips for Sales Success

Sometimes I feel we are all trying to be too cute or complex in our dealings with our customers or potential customers. It is much better to use some good old common sense in our everyday life as a b2b sales person.

With this thought in mind, I decided to discuss seven b2b sales tips for improving your sales performance and success. Actually, there is nothing difficult about these seven sales tips other than you just need to use them on a regular basis.

So, here are the seven b2b sales tips for improved sales performance…

  1. Personalize Your Proposals
    Several decades ago this was not even on our radar, yet, with today’s fancy automated proposal systems we can lose our personal edge. Therefore, even if you are using an automated proposal generator, take some time to add some personal items or comments to the proposal. It is still people who make the decisions rather than the computers.
  2. Keep Your Promises
    Always keep your promises. Why? Because it shows your are person who values their word more than others. Small acts of doing what you say you are going to do enhance your reputation as a people who does what they say.
  3. Learn How They Win
    Again, with all the business and logical people, decisions are still made due to the emotional connections between the buyer and seller. Take time and use your questioning model to learn how the individual wins relative to your business decision. When you know this information, you can easily do step one above.
  4. Use Customer Specific Presentations
    Leave the canned marketing generated presentations at the office and think about what the customer has told you during your interviews. Again, I’m assuming you are using the questioning model rather than the old school presentation model of selling. After learning what is important to the customer, then target your sales presentation to address their issues specifically.
  5. Take Personal Responsibility
    This is one I should never need to discuss, however, it seems to be missing in action by a large number of sales people today! There is a difference between taking the blame and taking responsibility. Taking the blame is all about the past and assigning a negative label to the person or organization who screwed up. Taking personal responsibility is all about looking at the present situation and focusing upon the future. Customers need the assurance you will be there for them when things don’t go well. Sales people who take personal responsibility about fixing or correcting a bad situation are more valued by the customer than people into the blame game of life and business.
  6. Follow Up
    Duh! If you want follow up business, you need to have a regular follow up plan of action. Check in with the customer to make certain they are satisfied with your solution or offering. Are the getting the return on investment you stated they would get. What matrix are you and the customer using to track the results. Remember, the more data you recover, the better your position becomes for future sales with this customer and other potential customers (think proven success stories). Also, I also recommend to the major account sales teams to revisit the customer on scheduled dates – formal meeting every six months or a minimum of once a year – and informal meetings on a monthly or quarterly basis. This keeps things on track for positive results.
  7. Be Patience
    Just had a phone call from a client that was all about a lack of patience. Seems this person had done a proposal and the customer is thinking about rather than taking immediate action. Truth is this is a very large contract and will change several areas of the customer’s operation. Thus, the delay. This is expected in most cases as the major inside players are all placing them last minute opinions or objections. Also, from a marketing perceptive, just because you did some activity today, does not mean the phones will light up this afternoon or tomorrow. The bigger the deal, the more patience is required. Follow up and touching base in a “soft” manner are essential to your success. Never push – allow time for the pull to take place.

There you have seven simple to implement b2b sales tips for you to use – now. Okay, maybe that was not the patience way to say it. The bottom line is your ultimate b2b sales success will depend in large part upon how well you use these seven simple sales tips.

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