Six Levels for You to Master to Become the Best in B2B Sales

Recently I had some long discussions about individual sales people and how to realize talent levels of b2b sales people. While this topic covered many levels of thought and subjective as well as objective ideas, it was exciting to note…

“People really control their own level of success.”

With that being said, I began to look at what an individual needs to master or understand to be fully capable of controlling their own destiny. Obviously, the starting point to be self aware of your natural strengths and weaknesses – which can be verified (or discovered) using some of the excellent assessments available today.

The second part of becoming the Best of Sales or whatever profession you choose is to master your own thoughts. This is the source of the mastery of the six levels of self thought. I heard that snicker!

Okay, so why am I writing about thoughts or the modern term – mindsets – for improving your b2b sales?

Because your mindset holds the key to your overall success level. How you process and align your thoughts or mindset against your personal goals and vision is the real differentiators in life. And, I believe there are six areas to master – using your mind for the mastery.

Here are the six levels to Mastery of Mindset…

  1. Your Environment
    This level involves the people, places and things we work with today. Some call it our culture or our surroundings, I prefer to lump it into our environment. This is  the base level and everyone has to deal with their own environmental issues. The key here is remain focused on your personal vision. Think constantly about the environment you want to have rather than limit yourself to what you have today.
  2. Your Behaviors
    Behaviors are the results of the cumulative impact of the all of the levels to be discussed. In other words, you act upon what you believe to be true and helpful even if your actions are limiting your results. A simple way of thinking about this is behaviors are what you do – based upon what you think is right. Therefore, the higher level of thoughts, the higher the level of results from your behavior. Your thoughts do control your destiny.
  3. Your Competencies and Capabilities
    Pure and simple – these are your skill sets you have acquired and practiced over time. The better your skill sets the higher the level of competency you possess. Thus, the higher your level of self confidence or such I say – self knowing. When you engage in a life of continuous learning, you will have mastery and will be able to compete with anyone. Make a list of the things you need to learn, then create an action plan with deadlines or milestones to learn and master each area.
  4. Your Beliefs and Values
    This is one of the most critical if not most important of the levels to master. Your beliefs actually create your values – what you truly believe and establish in your subconscious mind actually controls your actions every day of your life. To some of you, this is a surprise. Well, welcome to the real world of your brain. During the past twenty years, researchers and scientists are cracking the code of how the mind works. This arena of new knowledge is helping us to learn how to take back control of our lives and our personal performance. If you are still having difficulty with this idea, then do one of two things: Go to or get this book by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. Cellular Biologist, author
    Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles. After reading one or both sources you should have a better understanding of the importance of beliefs in your life.
  5. Your Self or Identity
    Now we are getting to the highest levels of mastery. Here we are talking about how you view or look at yourself. And, here is a clue – you are not your job. Yes, who you are does have an important level of influence on your job performance, yet, you are not your job. You my friend are a human being. That statement alone makes you unique and different in this world we live in. There is an old saying to validate this… “The quality of the person makes up there quality of life.” Like yourself for who YOU are rather than what others assign to you and make a difference.
  6. Your Spiritual or Self Actualization
    This is the highest level of human hood in my opinion. Do you trust the little voice within? This is spiritual voice guiding you in the direction of right. No matter where the source of your little voice comes from, do you respect it and encourage it to share thoughts with you? This is also the highest level of beliefs you can attain in life. Here is the source for inner peace in life.

There you have the six levels to master – if you want long term sustainable success. While these levels are simple to build (not easy – simple) it will take a level of self discipline and focused effort for attaining mastery at each level.

The key is to understand you can do this. No matter where you are today or where you came from has no bearing on where you can go. Excuses are the things holding good people back every day. Take control or take back control in some cases by making a decision to master each and every level discussed above. Then you will be successful.

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