Six Strategies to Win against a Leading Competitor

One of the toughest situations a b2b sales person can be in today, is when you know your competitor is ahead of you for a sales objective. So, what do you do to overtake the competitor and win the sale or the account.

There are six possible strategies to use. Any one or any combination of the six should help you gain an advantage with a prospect or existing customer during these critical negotiations.

Here are the six b2b sales strategies to use to win against a tough competitor.

  1. Be Insistent in Contacting the Buyer
    Become more aggressive in your contacting the prospect without appearing desperate in your actions or voice. The key is stay focused upon improving the prospects situation. It is not about you and the sale, it is all about the prospect getting what they want and fast.
  2. Do an Honest Self-Analysis
    The adjective honest is the key word here. Does the prospect truly benefit from your product or service? Also, have you given your best effort during the sales process? Honest evaluations of the customer benefits, timing and payback are critical. Remember, if you sell something that does not help or worst – hurts the buyer, then you will pay a huge price later with absolutely no business opportunities with this prospect again.
  3. Get Current Testimonials
    Get satisfied customer involved by having them write a testimonial addressing the specific issue your prospect is currently experiencing and how you and your team solved the issue. This is magically gold dust for winning prospects attention and business. Make sure your testimonials are issue specific rather than general. Also, a video of the customer talking about the issue is 10 times more impactful than the written word.
  4. Get the Prospect to Visit
    In football recruiting, every coach wants to get the prospect on campus to win the player. Well, the same thing can happen to a business prospect. Get them into a site (satisfied customer site is best) where your solution is in operation. Then the prospect can see how it will best fit into their operation. This is especially helpful if the current customer switched from the prospect’s current leader and they express the reasons!
  5. Delay Price Discussions
    It is a known fact in selling that delaying the price discussions for as long as you can is a big benefit to you. To often a rookie or lazy sales person throws out a price thinking price will motivate a prospect to buy is just wrong. The only thing happening with regularity with talking price is others will beat your price and you lose the sale or account. Be smart and delay the price discussions until all the issues are examined in detail and value is built for a necessary change to your solution.
  6. Hold an “ACE” back
    Now this one is a bit tricky yet is based upon you thinking about adding value to the closing presentation. Internet marketers have been using this tactic for years to get people to buy online. So it does work. The key is for you to begin thinking what else would be of value to this prospect. Or, how can I make this prospective buyer look really good to his boss or manager? Adding something at the end, representing added value to the prospect (Things like training, rebate, volume discount, better payment terms, access to web based services, webinars for users, etc.).

There you have it. Six ways or strategies to take back the lead with a b2b buyer. These are all things you can do as a b2b sales person without any approvals from management or higher level folks. You – the b2b sales person – can make a difference when you focus on the prospect and what they want and need the most.

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