Sorry About the Technical Issues

I want to thank everyone for your patience last week regarding a technical problem with our website.

The technical issue was due to code error – caused by a software update. This caused people to get a .gz file download rather than our actual webpages. For that I apologize for any inconvenience this could have caused you.

It appears it was happening for about a 24 hour period over two days.

The good news is there was no threat to your computers as it was a software issue rather than some kind of hack.

Also, a huge thanks to a couple of our readers who contacted me via email to alert me to the problem. For that I am very grateful. Thank you.

Take care and have a Great Week of B2B Selling.

Folks – Sorry about the Second Problem with all the Broken Links!! Seems I had a second software issue after getting the first one corrected. It was corrected three days.

A double big thanks to one of my readers for hunting me down to advise me about the link issue. Thanks again – and you know who you are – right Justin?

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