Success Mindset #2 – Everything is Possible

This the second part of a four part series on having a success mindset for your b2b sales career.

The second success mindset is…

Everything is Possible

Now, I know there are some people saying this is just a Pollyanna statement could not be true. And, if you truly believe that everything is not possible – then you are also right. Confused? Read on to learn more.

You see your beliefs control your actions. If you were unaware of this truth, then you need to start studying some of the new neuroscience material on how the brain works and you might see a new light on the horizon.

The research of high performers has always discussed limiting beliefs as the road blocks to success and the same research has looked into the role of optimism plays in the world of success and high performance. The ability to have a “can do attitude” overcomes many obstacles in life – or b2b sales success.

Embrace the idea of optimistic approaches to both solutions and opportunities – and then take action to make it happen the way you want it to happen. This last statement makes me think about how many people believe this is just some type of “positive thinking” and they know people who talk about things yet never take action – and expect things to happen for them.

While I understand the power of positive influence, the truth is without the action part attracted to the thoughts nothing really great will happen. There is a difference between “positive thinking” and “positive knowing.”

Positive Thinking is all about positive thoughts relative to goals and objectives you want to accomplish within a given time frame. Many people who use this concept have a false assumption of results will happen just because I am positive in what I want.

Positive Knowing is all about having a positive attitude about the possibilities for success, yet, take action to make their thoughts into a reality. In other words, they launch using proven methods and processes to improve their possibilities of success. Their success rates are much higher than the first group.

The Key to on going high performance is believing you have the ability and desire to be the success you want to be in life and b2b sales. It is the belief in possibilities that will open your eyes to new opportunities for b2b sales success. It is still up to you to prepare, learn what you need to learn and execute your methods, techniques and skills at the highest levels of proficiency. Then you will win more often.

If you are still not sure about the importance of winning mindsets, take a moment and go to the website Winning Mindsets for Sales and learn more about the power of beliefs and mindsets.

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