Success Mindset #3 – Practice Makes Perfect

This is the third part of a four part series on Success Mindsets and how you will win more often when you use them correctly.

The Third Success Mindset is…

Practice Makes Perfect

This is the most over looked of the success mindsets. Why? Because it takes effort and discipline to think like a real winner.

“Winging it” is a losers strategy since there is no preparation and effort to get your delivery of topic down pat or to use some slang – have it down cold. This is the most common path taken by b2b sales people and it shows in the overall performance of the majority of b2b sales people.

Okay, I know I’m coming down a little hard on the my favorite group of people – b2b sales people – it is only because I want you to wake up to the reality of one of the best methods to move up into the ranks of b2b sales superstar.

The best b2b sales people have a winners mindset of knowing how practice makes a huge difference when you get in front of the customer. Let’s face the reality of in today’s economic environment you may only get one opportunity to meet with or present to a real decision maker. How well you do during your moment of truth with the decision maker can make or break your sales reputation.

What are the reasons b2b sales people choose to avoid practice time? There appears to be four primary reasons. These four reasons are…

  1. Lack of Time Mentality
    The number one reason – well for everyone not doing what needs to be done. Time is important and you need to be doing the highest priorities on your list of objectives each day. Yet, practice is one of the most important things you could be doing to enhance your success mindset in b2n sales. Find the time and schedule your time to include practicing – especially the skill areas you need to improve for greater sales success.
  2. Big Ego
    This is a big deal for the lone wolfs of the b2b sales world. When your ego is larger than your ability to think about what actions are really important – well, you avoid the things you need to do the most, like practicing a sales presentation or the critical decision maker interview. Get over yourself and act more like a b2b sales superstar (who surprisingly have little negative ego! Most are quite humble and practice each week.).
  3. Fear of Failure
    Closely related to ego, fear of failure is the ugly beast hanging out in the back of your brain telling you things like – “If you do this they will find out you’re not as good as they thought! or My peers will find out I’m a fake!” These like voices in the back of the brain will haunt you until – You Do the Things You Fear. Then you will find it is no longer a barrier for you and you will look forward to learning how to improve your performance before getting in front of a real customer or prospect.
  4. Believe Practice has little value
    This is where the impatient and fast moving people hang out and the excuse they use to defend their inability or desire to practice. Most of the time this belief is created due to a bad experience relative to a training session. It could have been created by a bad trainer who embarrassed you or training that was poor to start with – leaving the feeling of little to no positive impact. My advice to you is to take charge of your life and choices. Take time to practice what is important to you and especially what is important to your customer. Practice does have Value.

Okay, there is the list of why b2b sales people do not practice as a rule. Yet, practice is very important if you want to be at the top of your profession.

Speaking of profession, who uses practice all the time? Here is a short list of professions using practice – even the very best of these professions…

  • Football players at all levels
  • Baseball players at all levels
  • Olympia Sports
  • Golf professional – including the very best who have coaches watching their every practice
  • Actors and Actresses – not far removed from the sales profession
  • Performers of all types

While this list is dominated by sports and performing arts professions, it shows the best of the best are practicing their profession. Using the linkage of best practices – why are b2b sales people limiting their expertise and performances due to a lack of practice time?

Your question to yourself should be…

How Do I Find the Time to Practice Every Week to Improve My B2B Sales Skills and the Results I Could be Getting Now?

Answer the question truthfully and find a way to join the ranks of the b2b sales superstars.

Voss’s Big B2B Sales Tip of the Day…

Use Video to record your practice and then watch it to learn exactly what you are doing well and what you need to improve to be the Best B2B sales person on your team.

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1 thought on “Success Mindset #3 – Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Good article. Voicemails are a difficult part of sales, but necessary. As a salesperson I would not worry too much about what you say in a voicemail, though. A really great voicemail will likely only get 3-5% response rate.

    Thus, I think it is important to make sure you are clear about what you do. Then when someone does callback, they callback for the right reason.

    Ryan Alex
    B2B Sales and Sales Management

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