Success Mindset #4 – It’s All About the Customer

This is the fourth of a four part series on Success Mindsets for greater B2B sales success. When you use these four mindsets wisely and often, you will join the ranks of the B2B Sales Superstars.

The Fourth Success Mindset is…

It is ALL About the Customer

This Success Mindset should be well known and used every day, except it is not used by the vast majority of the b2b sales people I speak with today. Why? Because most b2b sales people are focused upon the sales of their product or service rather than the needs or desires of the customer.

This mindset is probably the game changer of all the mindsets for winning we could discuss. As Bob Dylan wrote one of his hit songs in the 1960;s – the Times They Are a Changing! Truer words have never been spoken as it relates to our world of b2b sales. Change is the new Norm in b2b sales.

Now, if your company is still pushing the sales concept of short term selling or what I refer to as the Traditional Model of Sales and you are getting progressive uncomfortable with your results. Then the Times Are A-Changing for you.

The only thing that is guaranteed to happen if you are using the Traditional Model of Selling is your margins and price will continue to drop. It will take a large increase in volume to remain consistent with last years sales volume. Profitability will continue to decline and pressure will mount from both directions – your management and the customer.

Why is this happening? Remember, the times are a-changing. Customers have no time to chat or listen to well worn out sales “pitches.” In fact, there is movement to eliminate the role of sales people in many buying groups since they believe if they take out the sales commission, they can get a lower price. Yikes!

Okay, so what do you do now if you are in the profession of b2b sales?

You adjust or change your mindset as a b2b sales person. Your focus must change from being on your product or service to “helping the customer get what they want.”

There is an interesting movement taking place in the world of b2b sales. Buyers no longer want to deal with product pushing sales people – they feel that if that is all you bring to the table then you can set up an Internet connection (website) allowing them to purchase directly at a lower cost – when they want to buy.

Wow, this sounds like doomsday stuff for b2b sales people. And, it will be if you choose to stay in the past. The future of the b2b sales superstars is laid out for you – helping the customer gain new opportunities. My friend Ron Karr states the best way to make more sales is to “help your customers help their customers!” What a great concept.

Here is the key learning point to place in your mindset.

It is no longer a sales game to lower costs or expenses, it is all about helping to gain unique differentiation for greater opportunities.

The future of your sales success depends upon moving from a product pusher to becoming a helping business adviser to your customers. I have seen this happen in several industries – sometimes by a lone b2b sales person and other times lead by a forward thinking sales manager or executive who sees the pathway to success in the present and future.

Moving from a tactical sales approach to a real strategic sales approach involves different sales skills and mindsets. The most difficult issue for the vast number of b2b sales people in the marketplace today is to unlearn what No Longer Works in B2B Sales! It is very difficult to stop doing the things that have worked for you over the last 5 – 10 – 15 -20 – 25+ years of successful selling, yet you must remember – The Times They Are A-Changing! To be successful in the future, you must develop a mindset for change and focusing even more on the customer than ever before.

Due to this Mindset review and knowing how difficult it is to make this transition (I’m including myself in this statement.), I will be focusing on how to be more successful in b2b sales than ever before during the coming year. Each week during the new year, I will share insight and methods for you to get to the ranks of b2b sales superstar and stay there.

By the way – Happy New Year!

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