Slow Down to Go Fast!

Okay, I know some of you are thinking I have lost my mind in the fast paced world we currently live in. Yet, it is true. In many cases, we need to slow down to go fast in a given b2b sales process.

I was first told of this statement by a creative thinker type, who used this term as an example to his clients. In fact, he drew from examples on several fronts – including manufacturing processes. One story sticks in my mind since my wife loves the product.

Seems the maker of the original Tater Tots purchased some new equipment to produce more product in less time. The engineers sped up the production process and created a huge increase in production of Tater Tots.

The only problem was the faster the production line, the less product was being purchased by the consumers! So, market research was done to learn the reason for the decline in sales. Well, seems the new machinery was turning the insides of the Tater Tots into mashed potatoes with no texture.

So, after much arm twisting, the engineers slowed down the machinery and the texture improved. Most importantly, sales increased again and everybody was happy.

Now, that story had a happy ending, yet, most of time the people who continue to just go faster and faster have no clue about what they are creating for themselves in the form of preventable problems.

Here are a few examples…

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