Biggest Issue for Successful B2B Sales Today

Over the past two years I have noticed a trend getting stronger and stronger in its impact on b2b sales success.

So what is this new trend? In reality it has been an issue for a long time, yet, today it is more common and growing in both intensity and impact upon the sales process.

It is buyers and decision makers have little to no available time to visit with b2b sales people.

Anyone in the sales game today is seeing this impact. There is no time for small talk or old school yakking about sports, family or the good old days. Now it’s about get me curious about your solution or give me some information so I (the buyer or decision maker) wants to learn more about your possible solution. This curiosity will lead to you getting an appointment.

Now the game is on. You must be engaging from the very start – not with worn out sales presentations using feature and benefit tactics – using targeted questions to engage the customer and learn about their specific issues and problems. As you learn about their issues, you will need to ask good questions designed to both get more information and to show your level of experience due to the depth of the questions.

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