How to Get a Target’s Organization Chart

Attention to Detail is not always a strength of b2b sales people, which is one reason why so many b2b sales people fail to get an organizational chart (a.k.a. – org chart) on their target accounts.

Yet, this tool is one of the most important elements you can build or obtain on a targeted account. This is the formal structure used by the customer or prospect to run their business operation – including the hierarchy for decision making.

If this is so valuable why do so few b2b sales people fail to get or build one?

Usually because they either don’t understand the importance or are afraid to ask for one feeling rejection of their request would damage their relationship with their contacts.

Here is a clue your relationship is lacking some trust or credibility. I know when I have a good or great relationship built with a potential client, they are eager in most cases to provide me with an org chart.

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