Three Essentials for Partnering

Seems to be a number of partnering or joint venture opportunities these days, and there are right and wrong ways to deal with these possible growth strategies.

The one thing I hear from some of the sales executives involved in forming partnerships or joint ventures that is a sign of failure is the thought process these are just easy ways to gain a foothold in customer accounts.

Let me tell you – as a consultant and business adviser for over 29 years – there is no such thing as an easy partnership or joint venture. It takes effort on the part of everyone involved.

Let me share with you the three essentials necessary for a partnership or joint venture to operate smoothly. The people and companies who understand these essential elements or truths, no have more success in the long run due to the comfort level of customers knowing they are working with multiple suppliers.

So, here are the three essential elements or truths of partnering…

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