Great Service is Unexpected Today

While watching the Super Bowl as I was recovering from some surgery, I saw an ad – actually a couple of ads which made me laugh – then I realized what a sad truth it was. Do you remember the ad where the guy pulls into a “Service Station” and to his amazement and surprise people came out to “service” his car. They were checking under the hood, cleaning his windshield AND the side windows while another person checked the air pressure in the tires.

Now I may be showing my age, but I remember those days! Service was something you found at service stations. In fact, get ready now – the service station actually had mechanics who could fix things relative to your car!

Getting back to the main character who was driving the car, he was so surprised by these service team, he did not know how to response. In fact, he took the position of this must be bad and they are going to hijack my car or some other act.

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