Six Levels for You to Master to Become the Best in B2B Sales

Recently I had some long discussions about individual sales people and how to realize talent levels of b2b sales people. While this topic covered many levels of thought and subjective as well as objective ideas, it was exciting to note…

“People really control their own level of success.”

With that being said, I began to look at what an individual needs to master or understand to be fully capable of controlling their own destiny. Obviously, the starting point to be self aware of your natural strengths and weaknesses – which can be verified (or discovered) using some of the excellent assessments available today.

The second part of becoming the Best of Sales or whatever profession you choose is to master your own thoughts. This is the source of the mastery of the six levels of self thought. I heard that snicker!

Okay, so why am I writing about thoughts or the modern term – mindsets – for improving your b2b sales?

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