Use Google Alerts for Information about Prospects and Customers

Today is a short yet important b2b sales tip on how to use Google Alerts for information about your Customers and Prospects. And, the only investment to you is your time to set them up. Google does not charge you to set up Alerts.

First, let’s cover what you can cover using Google Alerts…

  • Key Officers of Customers or Prospects
  • Their Company
  • Primary Industry News
  • Your Company
  • You

From my point of view, these are the big five to track. These five will give you important news found on the Internet. Personally, I track all five and find it to be very helpful. So what are you looking for within each category…

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B2B Sales Qualifying is ALL about Needs

Had an interesting discussion with a sales manager last week concerning how to truly qualify a prospect. The sales manager wanted to discuss all the financial issues and demographics of prospects. I listened and asked a few questions, then asked about the role of needs in qualifying a prospect.

Our discussion got a little slower after that question as the sales manager began to think about the role of need in the qualifying process. He began to see just how important needs are in determining a real prospect.

Let’s look into this real life concept and connect a few dots.

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