One more Time – Keep it Simple

I have listened to some recent conversations between b2b sales people and their customers or prospects – the people on the other end of the phone service. And, well, frankly, I have been stunned at the amount of mis-communication AND more importantly, the complexity some b2b sales people are placing on their prospects or customers.

As Charlie Brown of the Peanuts cartoons would say, “Good Grief!”

Enough of the complexity when dealing with a buyer. This is a serious issue and a serious problem for b2b sales people today. Remember you are dealing with a Totally Stressed Buyer on the other end of phone or across the table in face to face visits.

Years ago the phrase KISS was used with sales people as an acronym to Keep It Simple Stupid. The stupid part was aimed at sales people who were making things complex. Therefore, it seems we have come full cycle again. B2B Sales People need to keep things simple again.

Why keep it simple? You may ask,  we sell complex solutions or technology. Great! The key to winning more often is to make it simple and support it with the details. Oh, back to subject of this paragraph – Why?

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