How Do You Deal with Competitors?

Seems to be a number of questions and chatter about how to deal with, attack, match and overcome competitors. Therefore today we will discuss how to deal with competitors.

Okay, first a couple of facts.

  • If you have no competitors, the customer may not be worth the trouble.
  • The better the account, the more competitors you will have.
  • Customers will use the competitors to either valid your pricing or use the competitor to get you to lower your prices.
  • Some competitor will always attempt to buy the business with an loss leader type pricing.
  • You must know who your competitors are in order to develop a sales strategy to win the account.

So, the question is back to how do you offset the competitor’s energy and persistence to take your business from you everyday? That is the focus we will be taking and one you should be examining every day you are in the field or with a customer.

Now, we have all heard some sales person say this… “I have no competition.”

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