Let Go of the Past if You Want B2B Sales Growth

This can be a very tough concept or even thought for most b2b sales people who have experienced success in the past. I know because I’m living in the effects of remaining in the past for too long.

Joe Calloway, a great person, business man and keynote speaker, starting telling me to “let go of the pass” about three years ago. And, he was not kidding as he walked the talk – eliminating all the old stuff in his warehouse. I mean he just decided one day to left go of the past so he could move forward in the present. What a novel, yet, outstanding idea.

Being a slow learned, it took me another year and a half to realize he was really on to something. The old bread and butter sales techniques and products were no longer producing any results. Now, that is when it really gets scary as you realize it is time to change and move into the “unknown zone.” You now the place where nothing is given or certain – everything is new and you have must learn new methods, develop new strategies and sell in the market different from the last twenty years (my time in the field.)

Okay, as I am still in the transition of major change, I believe it is time to share six issues that can take a major toll of your ability to stay true to your new goals, strategies and targets. These are the big six standing in most everyone’s path as we negotiate our pathway to better results, change and improving lifestyle.

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