Key Organizing Principles for B2B Sales

In the world of B2B Sales there are two important principles – what I call Organizing Principles – you must be aware of to move into the superstar ranks of sales people.

First, what are Organizing Principles and why are they important?

Here is what Wikipedia says about Organizing Principles…

An organizing principle is a core assumption from which everything else by proximity can derive a classification or a value. It is like a central reference point that allows all other objects to be located. Having an organizing principle might help one simplify and get a handle on a particularly complicated domain. On the other hand, it might create a deceptive prism that colors one’s judgment.

In my world of b2b sales, organizing principles are the systems or measurement of systems creating a known return on my selling activities. In other words, it is the ability to hold myself accountable for the results and outcomes expected in my job. Interesting, that read like a management consultant report – sorry about that!

In simple terms, organizing principles give us a measurement showing our effectiveness in the field. Depending upon the trend line of this data, it tells us if we are doing well or need to improve our production.

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