Building Success Stories from Satisfied B2B Customers

Okay, curious about this title? What reasons would you need to get information from your existing and satisfied b2b Customers?

Simple. You are looking to accumulate good data points for finding the advantages and benefits your customers are receiving since they became your customer.

Remember, the more information you can get from a SATISFIED customer, the simpler it becomes to create a success story or document the business results of becoming your customer. This information helps you gain more business – both from the existing customers and new prospects.

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How to Share Business Experience with a Top Level Prospect

Okay, several of you have asked me…

“What Do I Talk About with a Prospect, If I’m Not Talking About My Product or Service?”

I will get to a logical progression for talking about business results in a moment. Before sharing this information, I want to remind you to forget about all your old school or traditional sales training. Remember, no matter how bad you want to start your sales “pitch” there is no selling allowed with the top level prospect. If you must pitch something, pitch your old sales techniques and tactics in the trash before entering the room.

This simple progression is designed to show your prospect you are experienced and have done this before – providing the credibility and confidence they need to even think about moving forward in their buying process. Yes, they do want to buy, they do not want to be sold.

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