Eight Buying Signals for B2B Sales

Several sales people have asked me about what are buying signals they need to recognize. While for some b2b sales people this is more of an instinctive activity, it never hurts to review the eight basic buying signals.

Before I list the eight buying signals, I want to say I have been with many sales people who completely missed the buying signals. When asked about this lack of action I got several excuses, such as…

  • I wasn’t sure if they meant it.
  • I don’t want to take action too early
  • I felt it was too risky at the moment to ask for the business
  • I didn’t want to cause a problem with our great relationship!
  • I really didn’t notice, were they sending out buying signals?

Okay, you catch my point. I actually feel the last excuse is the most common issue. The sales person is not paying attention to the buyer and completely misses the signal. I have seen this when a sales person is taking dictation rather than watching the actions and body language of the buyer. Your job is to pay attention to everything a buyer is doing especially when they are sending you buying signals.

So let’s list the eight most common buying signals you need to know and recognize…

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